SK Rapid Wien wins U14 Champions-League in Leonhofen

SK Rapid Wien won the all-Austrian final against Admira Wacker after penalties.


After two days with exciting and thrilling games from all Under14 teams, Rapid Wien was the worthy winner of the 25th edition of the Dr. Nimmrichter Gedenkturnier.


The conditions were perfect from the beginning, with two perfect pitches, beautiful weather and many spectators waiting for the tournament to begin. 16 teams in 4 groups tried to get into the top2 of each group, to reach the second group phase, where then the places for the semi-finals were looming.

After the first group phase, Bayern München and Malmö FF emerged as favourites by winning their groups without dropping point. After the end of phase 1, four teams from the Austrian Bundesliga and 4 international teams booked their places in the Top 8. It was clear from the very first game in group phase 2, that every team was eager to make it into the semi-finals. 3 Austrian teams and Malmö FF from Sweden got the upper hand to went trough. In the first semi the later winner Rapid Wien were the luckier side and won after penalties against the Red Bull academy from Salzburg. Admira Wacker then followed beating Malmö FF to make it an all-Austrian final.


All participating teams with their high-class niveu, spectators and football-fanatics, which ensured great atmosphere in the stands and a friendly and warm hospitality, will be the legacy of the 25th edition of the Dr. Nimmrichter Gedenkturnier.



1. SK Rapid Wien

2. Admira Wacker

3. Malmö FF

4. Red Bull Akademie

5. FC Bayern München

6. FC Augsburg

7. FK Austria Wien

8. FC Everton

9. SK Sturm Graz

10. SC Heerenveen

11. FC Liverpool

12. SKN St. Pölten

13. FC Leonhofen

14. SV Oberndorf

15. SC Melk

16. USC Markersdorf

best player: Ricardo Wagner (FC Bayern München)
best Mariella El Sherif (SK Sturm Graz)
top scorer: Yoram Boerhout (SC Heerenveen) – 12 goals

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