Events and tournaments are often named after a great personality; this also applies for the International Dr. Nimmrichter Gedenkturnier.

Senior medical officer Dr. Adolf Nimmrichter was the local physician of Ruprechtshofen and co-founder of the 1. FC Leonhofen. He worked in different functions from 1958 to 1976.
His biggest passion was the support of young talents.


 The tournament was originated in honor of Adolf Nimmrichter. In the beginning teams from the vicinity and the Austrian National League took part in the tournament. In the course of time teams from all over Europe participated.

Meanwhile the tournament has grown to an international football tournament lasting 2 days, constantly with European top-flight teams. This tournament is one of the most significant in Austria, regarding both the sporting and the organizational value.

The fact that professional youth academies from Austria and Europe are our guests year after year and like to come again emphasizes the high appreciation our tournament has gained in the past.

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