Report 2010

The winner of the 16th International Dr. Nimmrichter Gedenkturnier is
again from Austria – FK Austria Wien.

FK Austria Wien showed the best performances during the group stages and was seen as the favorite to win the tournament, so did the teams from Nottingham, Wolfsburg and Sittard. Remarkably all of them reached the semi-finals.

The regional non-professional teams took some bigger teams by surprise and achieved memorable results.
SV Gottsdorf managed to reach a draw versus former German Champions VfL Wolfsburg.
The home team from Leonhofen reached a draw versus the academy of Admira and celebrated an unforgettable and deserved victory versus SV Austria Salzburg.

After finalizing the group stage the semi finals were eagerly awaited. FK Austria Wien won a very thrilling match versus VfL Wolfsburg 2:1 and Fortuna Sittard kept the upper hand versus Nottingham Forest by one goal to nil.

After the traditional ceremony with the national anthems had taken place the classification matches followed.
Due to bad weather conditions the games for the places from 7 to 14 were decided through penalty shoot-outs to take care of the pitch and guarantee fair conditions for the final games.
In the game for the third place Nottingham Forest beat VfL Wolfsburg in an exciting and offensive-minded game 3:2.

Austria Wien found it almost impossible to repeat one of the strong performances in the final, mainly because of Fotuna Sittard’s physical method to play and their lack of technical errors. The final contained everything a good football match needs and what spectators want to see – apart from goals.
The penalty shoot-out was decided by some fine saves from the goalkeeper of Austria Wien.

Final score:

1. FK Austria Wien
2. Fortuna Sittard
3. Nottingham Forest
4. VfL Wolfsburg
5. Trenkwalder Admira
6. SK Rapid Wien
7. FK Dukla Banska Bystrica
8. Lyngby BK
9. SV Austria Salzburg
10. FC Vienna
11. FC Leonhofen
12. SV Gottsdorf
13. NSG Alpenvorland
14. ASK Loosdorf

  • Top scorer: Wato Glodi - 9 Tore (Fortuna Sittard)
  • Best Player: Gnahore Wilfred (Nottingham Forest)
  • Best Goalkeeper: Mitmasser Dominik (SV Gottsdorf)
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